Accoya® Blck Leather

An iron hand in a velvet glove.
That's exactly what our Accoya® Blck Leather
feels like.
The hardness of our burn combined with a soft
and silky touch. Or how to enter the perfection of black art.
>Seijaku : peace and quiet

Douglas Blck Leather

Burned to a reddening of the pillows.
The Douglas blck leather combines shades of black black,
of blue or gray according to the sun.
The art of imperfect perfection comes into in force.
>Fukinsei : the absence of symmetry

Douglas Blck Out

Pure elegance, Douglas blck out brushed,
will give you a velvet touch. velvet touch.
Its veins will give it the fluidity of minimalism.
>Kanso : simplicity, sobriety

Douglas Blck Camo

The double brushing of this blck camo version brings
even more authenticity, naturalness and elegance.
Our most beautiful Blck/Brwn mix.
>Shizen : the natural

Douglas Blck Camo "Fawn"

Black side for elegance, wood side for authenticity.
The Douglas blck camo will make you will make you feel
all the strength of the wood veins like a wild beast.
>Shizen : natural

Ash Blck out

Sensitivity emerges from our Ash blck out.
An alliance of purity and minimalism coupled with
with a chic look for your interiors.
>Yugen : subtle grace

Oak Blck Out

Intense and never has been, discreet and always elegant,
our Oak blck out will delight your kitchens or other interiors.
>Shibui : discretion, suggestion

Chesnut Blck Out

Vigorously brushed to bring out its dark strength,
our chestnut blck out provides nobility and hardness.
>Datsuzoku : Originality